2012 – Private Thoughts

Private Thoughts

Written by Andrie Nel and Sydney Miller

This is the show that didn’t happen :-(
One week prior, all public performances of possibly the best show we have ever done were canceled due to legal concerns. While bitterly disappointed, our cast invited family to see what they had worked so hard on at an “invited rehearsal”. Without costume, makeup, and with an incomplete set, these amazing teens commanded our attention for 50 minutes and were rewarded with a standing ovation.

The video camera was rolling and a DVD was made of the invited rehearsal. Let us know if you would like a copy as we are very proud of the result. Warning: this subject matter is for mature audiences. Some content may be considered offensive.

Director’s Note from the Show Program

The genesis for this play was a reference made in PowerPlay where Angie says she really doesn’t want to know the private thoughts of others. For me it prompted the question: when is it important to disclose your private thoughts and when is it best to keep them to yourself? The original concept for this play was to be a comedy, having fun with a variety of situations and private thoughts. To be playful with the question and poke fun at the many silly things we all think but refuse to admit. As my co-writer and I sat down and began shaping the various storylines something happened. Something significant. It became impossible to treat the subject lightly because we discovered that some of our characters’ choices to not share their inner thoughts could have dire consequences.
Sydney and I kept as much of the humor as we could but agreed we had an important message to convey. It became a scary topic as our character Amy grapples with depression and thoughts of suicide. We wanted to present a truthful storyline that would speak to teens who may find themselves in the same situation. We want our audience to relate to our characters but hopefully walk away with the realization that if you are depressed, please, please reach out and talk to someone. Choosing isolation is far too destructive.

I would like to thank members of the Ottawa Suicide Prevention Coalition and particularly YouthNet who have provided their own time and resources on this project. From script reviews, supporting our cast, and making themselves available at the performance you are about to see.

Finally, I need to thank my Board, parents, and our cast for their support and commitment to this project. It’s not our usual stuff at JKT and it’s been a scary ride. But every time it became uncomfortable I was reminded: isn’t that what art is supposed to do? Provoke thought and ideas?
            Andrie Nel