2012 – PowerPlay


What a hoot! The kids really had fun with this one! Not only did they have fun with the storyline where three underdog classmates obtain superpowers, but the script demanded a whole new journey into special effects. A special thank you to Chantal Arsenault who mastered the production of breakaway glass beakers. They definitely achieved the effect we were after!

It was also very cool to have two different directors for the Wednesday and Saturday Group. Thank you Megan Piercey Monafu for joining us and sprinkling JKT with additional creativity.

And a very special shout out to Erin McEvoy! In the very last week she stepped into the Wednesday group’s “Angie” role after a sudden need to recast. Erin – who is a consummate professional – did so with grace even though our different directors chose to block the shows entirely differently! Erin, we don’t exactly know how you kept it all straight!

Our classroom was created by Monique Damus. Looks great!

Saturday Group's science teacher played by Zachary Ellis

Wednesday Group's science teacher played by Max Tufts

The students in Mr. Bell's science class.