2012 – When Cupid Comes Out to Play

When Cupid Comes Out to Play

Director’s Note

Happy Valentine’s Day! What a perfect occasion to dip our toes into romantic comedy chaos! Although we don’t actually see Cupid in this play, we get to blame him for everything that goes wrong and take full delight in the misfortune of others. Or something like that.

It’s particularly fun for me to write and direct a play for a group of older JKT youth. Our teens are challenged with more mature ideas that we can’t play with among the younger kids. And play we did. With love. Betrayal. Yearning. (And more!)

It’s very fitting that this show is performed for you right before Valentine’s Day. Why? Because it will make you laugh and feel good now while you watch, but it is sure to make you feel even better when you or your Valentine don’t screw up nearly as much. You’re sure to come off looking good!

Falling in love happened both on stage – and off. This remarkable group has come from eight different schools spanning a 50km radius of Metcalfe. They have become close friends in the process and will surely remain friends after. (Thank goodness for facebook!)

Finally, a very special thank you to our volunteers. Without you none of this would be happening!

Andrie Nel