Code of Conduct

Just Kiddin’ Theatre Code of Conduct

Drama and acting may appear as a highly spontaneous, creative process that “erupts” in a free-form environment. But drama is also a highly disciplined art that demands respect for both the craft and fellow participants. In our program, that respect and discipline is demonstrated in accordance with our code of conduct.

Acting is art. There are no right or wrong answers – there is only how you see it. You are expected to explore things openly and freely as if you are seeing things for the very first time.
Theatre is a place where ideas are explored and developed. We nurture the creative process by providing helpful – not hurtful – comments .

Acting becomes good acting when it is honest and focused. Stay true to what you are doing and remain focused on the situation. “Breaking concentration” to chat with friends is disruptive to everyone and is not tolerated.

Your acting group – all of us – must have complete trust and respect for one another. We must work in an accepting environment where we know we are safe and won’t be made fun of when we stretch and explore our art.

Participants do that: participate. Participation means faithfully attending each class so the work can progress. Lack of regular attendance shows disrespect for the group; participants failing to attend will be excused.

Often we play the role of the audience. An audience listens. They don’t talk when someone is performing or when our teacher is teaching. The audience lets the actors know when they have performed well by laughing at funny scenes or clapping to show pleasure.

Any disruptive behavior spoils it for everyone. Disruptors will be excused.