2010 – The Gillian Trilogy

The Gillian Trilogy

December 10-12, 2010

The Gillian Trilogy examines three different perspectives of a Doomsday scenario that ultimately leaves the audience wondering if humans are just a little too arrogant for their own good. We may enjoy our spot on top of the food chain and we may think we are superior to all other living creatures. But just maybe it is time for us to show some humility – before it’s too late!

The Gillian Trilogy was written specifically to support JKT’s unique needs as a growing theatre program. How do you keep the groups small enough but allow opportunity for more kids to join? Funded by the City of Ottawa, the play was written to do just that while incorporating practical realities of volunteer bench strength and budget. We took the opportunity one step further and created three plays that challenge our kids in three different ways.

Part I, Gillian and the Boy, is more like what audiences are used to seeing from JKT – actors playing diverse and interesting characters in a humorous story. Our challenge in this play was to convey the serious state of our environmental mismanagement in a comedic way.

Townspeople realize an asteroid is headed to earth that can destroy them.

Part 2, Gillian and the Frog, was specifically intended for our teenaged actors. We gave them the challenge of performing a strong dramatic piece that would stretch and develop their acting techniques.

Townspeople embrace as the final seconds countdown before the end of earth as we know it.

Part 3, Gillian and the Boss, adopted a more whimsical approach that demanded greater imagination as actors invented new creatures to succeed humans on earth.

New creatures called Sentrions rule the earth.

In spite of the seemingly disjointed plays, they all tied together to give the audience a “beginning, middle, and end” of a possible environmental outcome if we choose to ignore the warning signs.