JKT Programs

Just Kiddin’ Theatre encourages participants to stretch and take risks in a safe and trusting environment. We are very serious about modeling our code of conduct which includes showing respect for fellow actors as they try new things. Our aim is to have fun but also to impart the discipline of the craft.

Children participating in drama and theatre benefit in numerous ways beyond merely enjoying the craft. Dramatic arts has proven to improve literacy skills, increase self-esteem and confidence, improve academic performance, and improve social skills and teamwork. It is a terrific alternative to team-based sports activities.

Our programs have evolved into the following discrete programs. Participants are welcome to join more than one program and, in fact, many do!

Introductory Level

  Setting the Stage – fun skills development and performance combo
  Drama Camp – for those who want a sampler or can’t get enough!

Intermediate Level

  Mainstage – for an authentic theatre experience
  Specialty Workshops – deeper dive on specific theatre topics

Advanced Level

  Repertory Company - audition-based community entertainment