Here’s a snapshot of what parents and participants have to say about the program.


“everyone gets a part in the play. it is an amazing experience.”

– Haleigh M.

“Just kiddin theater has been an amazing expieriance. It has given me the knowledge and understanding that only a professional, healthy environment could. Jkt has tought me confidence, courage, and remarkable techniques as well as how to create believable characters. I am so glad I found jkt, because without it I would not have the motivation, courage, or skills to persue my dream as a proffesional actor.”

– Vivian V.

“JKT has given me a place where i can go and have fun and learn more about theatre it has helped me work on some of my skills when i’m there i can be creative and let my imagination take control. It has also helped me meet some great actors and actresses, great instructors, and amazing friends. I love just kiddin theatre.”

– Noah M.

“JKT means getting to be who you really are whenever you want or escape your life when you need it!”

– Piper M.

“I never would’ve like Shakespeare if it wasn’t for this camp! Thanks!”

– Sierra S.



“How lovely to see a child be himself and fit in to a world of such creativity and exhibit such high self esteem.”

– Karen F.

“My son is enjoying Just Kiddin’ Theatre immensely. He finds it an outlet for expressing himself, and has lots of fun, week after week. I appreciate how Andrie and Lisa help each child feel valued. James has been asked to stretch himself a bit more than he had expected, and is rising to the challenge with enthusiasm! It has been a wonderful experience for him. We thank you, Andrie and Lisa, and all of the parent volunteers.”

– Shelley B.

“After another amazing year, we would like to thank you (again) for your tireless efforts on behalf of community theatre and sharing your expertise with our children. “

– Karen V.

“it’s local community theatre that allows everyone to participate, and it emphasizes a real theatre experience (lights, sound, staging, headshots, programs, etc.) JKT teaches commitment and collaboration. My 10 year old daughter has been involved since she was 7, and her confidence has improved each season.”

– Crystal K.