2006 – Radio Plays

Kids Produce Radio Plays!

On April 12, 2006 the kids went into the studio – well, the library, that is – and recorded their radio plays they were working on for the past few weeks. Students were broken up into four smaller groups which were capably directed by parent volunteers – Lisa Rogers, Karen Benson, Cathy Graham, and Shelley Miller. Voice roles were cast and sound effects were assigned to various students.

Have a listen at the terrific stories and sounds your kids produced! The story of the Demented Cow deserves special mention because this play was actually written by the students! It is original art!

WARNING: It is recommended you play these from a high-speed internet connection as the files are large!

A Night on Bear Mountain

MP3 file 10MB

A Day at the Dickersons

MP3 file 8.9MB

The Demented Cow

MP3 file 3MB


MP3 file 10.9MB