2007 – Ah, Mom!

Ah, Mom!

A series of 11 vignettes that pay tribute to the many joys, challenges and comedic moments of motherhood.


Scene 1 – In Honour of Mom
Try starting a show with a monologue! 
Well done!

Scene 2 – The Witching Hour
Every mom has been there.


Scene 3 – The Good Host
Many a Tylenol is consumed at
children’s birthday parties!


Scene 3 – The Good Host
Birthday girl with unwanted guest

Scene 4 – The Dance
Mother/daughter in real life try on
what it will be like in a few years.


Scene 5 – The Servant
Ah, a little poetic justice!



Scene 6 – Last to Know
Parent volunteer got in on the act to
see what it’s like for the kids.

Scene 7 – Big Trouble
Sometimes moms just need to step back
and let the kids play cop.

Scene 8 – Life is a Bowl of Cherries
But if life gives you lemons…

Scene 9 – PTA Mom
Ah, nothing like a good melodrama!

Scene 10 – The Optimist
In fact, this character is living in reality!


Scene 11 – Empty Nest
These two brought tears to the eyes
of all the empty nester moms out there!

Getting makeup beforehand. 


Curtain Call came at the end
of a music video set to Il Divo’s Mama.