2008 – Father Figure

Father Figure


The company performed Father Figure at the Metcalfe Client Services Center in the village of Metcalfe.  The audience was entertained by a troupe of 35 kids performing a two-act play that cheerfully pokes fun at fathers. 
The first act was a lighthearted look at many of the quirks and flaws of fathers.  The central father figure, Albert Williams, revealed a unique view of his world which, judging by audience reaction, was understood by many fathers present.
But behind the humor lay a surprising message in the second act about the importance of literacy.  The play revealed Hubert Milburn – a father figure whom we never actually see – is illiterate.  As his son Stuart discovers this truth of the man he idolizes, Hubert turns a humiliating situation into an heroic opportunity to teach his kids and community to face their fears.

Thank you volunteers! This wouldn’t happen without you!

In addition to our parent volunteer mainstays (Lisa, Karen, Joyce – thank you!) we were delighted to be supported by the following volunteers who lent their talents:  Ellen, Michelle, Rosemary, Leanne, Kerry, Laura, Sarah, Laurie Ann, Jennifer, Pete, and Craig. 

And a special thanks to those gorgeous muscly dads – Dave and Jeff – who helped us set up an entire kitchen for our set!  You’re the best!

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