Setting the Stage

Setting the Stage – fun skills development and performance combo

Program objectives are to provide introductory theatre skills development to participants in general areas including voice, movement, and character development. Each session emphasizes a chosen learning theme, which will be covered in more depth. The class will comprise 50% skills development and 50% preparation of a performance piece that showcases the learning theme. Performances are held for friends and family, free of charge, in the final week of the program.


Important facts:
– Introductory Level
– Maximum 15 participants per group
– Ages 9 and up, unless otherwise noted
– Duration typically 14-15 weeks
– Performance to family and friends in final week (free of charge)
– Special needs children encouraged to participate; pre-registration consultation is recommended to ensure suitable accommodations
– Multiple groups offered to accommodate schedule and unique learning objectives
– All participants must agree to abide by JKT’s code of conduct and commitment policy.
– To REGISTER online, follow the program registration link located on the right hand side. For more information please contact us.