2010 – James Blond Gets Smart

James Blond Gets Smart

March 5-7, 2010

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During the previous year’s performances of Surviving Camp the actors were surveyed on what kinds of plays they would like to do in the future. Within the comedy and mystery genres one person said “something like Get Smart” while another person said “James Bond”. Thanks to them, this was the result.

Casting was extremely tough but new director Lisa Rogers clearly got it right. The kids were remarkable in their distinct roles and many of them pulled off some brilliant accents. The biggest challenge of mounting the show was the many moving parts behind the scenes. Since this is a fast-paced globe-trotting play there were 14 unique scenes that were swiftly changed in short blackouts. With Monique Damus’s backstage assistance the kids rose to the challenge and pulled it off.

This play also marks the first time we have had the use of a functional curtain. It got a workout. But it really made a difference and introduces many possibilities for the future. Big thank you to ‘Shroomfest and all the other sponsors of our curtain project for helping to make it happen.

Top left: Rolf holding Penny at knifepoint. The knife looks real!

Above: Bomb sweepers Stefano, Anthony, and Guido. It’s not Delissio, it’s delivery!

Left: Rupert frustrated about his lack of career progress.

Above: Canada’s Prime Minister works out a PR problem with General Myers and Press Secretary Hanson.
Left: Dr. Albright and her assistant CAREFULLY injecting nitroglycerine.

Above: Producer and cameraman try to convince Chef Louis to liven up his show.

Left: Siegfreud enjoying a pause in his plans for world domination.

Above: Professor P occupied with
tweaks to his vapor gun formula.

Above: Tour group in progress in Tutenkamen’s tomb in Egypt.

Above: Max and Blond visiting Agent 13 who’s been stuck there for some time.

Right: Parallel job interviews at GOOD and BAD headquarters.

Above: Patty Plum desparately trying to convey secret information to clueless Max.

Right: “Ah, it is good to be bad.” Siegfreud savoring his imminent success while Max, Li, Blond and Heimlich look on.

Above: Chief of GOOD trying out Shania Twain

Right: Blond and Max determined to be the better spy while Ug and Li catch up.