Mainstage – for an authentic theatre experience

The emphasis of this popular program is the mounting of a quality stage production. Unlike the audition-based Repertory program, Mainstage is open to everyone ages 9 and up, regardless of ability. Everyone gets a part and gets to experience the magic of performing in the spotlight. Our cast and crew will stage three performances for friends, family, and the general public.

Please note production standards are high and JKT’s Attendance Policy and Code of Conduct are strictly enforced.


Important facts:
– Intro-Intermediate Level
– Maximum 15 participants per group
– Ages 9 and up unless otherwise noted
– Duration typically 16-18 weeks plus intensive final production week
– Three public performances
– Special needs children encouraged to participate; pre-registration consultation is recommended to ensure suitable accommodations
– All participants must agree to abide by JKT’s code of conduct and commitment policy.
– TO REGISTER online, follow the program registration link located on the right hand side. For more information please contact us.