The JKT Team

ANDRIE NEL, Founder and Chief Kid

Andrie Nel is an actor, writer, director, and producer. She is the founder and Artistic Director of Just Kiddin’ Theatre and continues to deliver JKT programs. She has written and produced several plays for the program including Father Figure, Surviving Camp, and James Blond Gets Smart in order to accommodate the unique needs of participants. Prior to running Just Kiddin’ Theatre Andrie was actively involved in the Ottawa theatre scene before starting her family. In another life, Andrie earned a Masters in Business Administration (Executive) from the University of Ottawa.

Founding members Karen Benson, Lisa Rogers, Joyce Dooley and Andrie Nel (front)

JKT Board of Directors

President – Shelley Horner
Secretary – Chantal Arsenault
Treasurer – Tracy Rivard
Artisitic Director – Andrie Nel
Production Director – Andrie Nel
Properties Master – Chantal Arsenault
Set Director – Patricia Pearson
Technical Director – Kenn Miller
Marketing Director – vacant
Members at Large – Lisa Brown, Maria Crosby


Andrie Nel
Stephanie Parry
Megan Piercey-Monafu
Natalie Fraser-Purdy
Derek Price
Tiffani Kenny