2016 – Power Play

Power Play (2016)

Written by Andrie Nel

A school science experiment goes wrong. Students gain new found powers as an unexpected side effect.


The remake of Power Play was a smashing hit among the audience where they saw superb acting and outstanding special effects in the works…from flying test tubes to exploding beakers. Thank you to Chantal Arsenault for once again bringing your special effects talent to the stage.

This talented group of actors transformed themselves into their characters (mentally and physically) to such a success that they brought much laughter to the audience. Kudos to Curtis who managed to be the perfect professor and had the audience giggling away for quite some time.

With the help of their Director, Tifanni Kenny, they learned the art of volume control. The kids quite enjoyed saying their lines across the street from each other while trucks rolled by.

Momentum Therapy kindly loaned us “Kevin” for the play…as the kids nicknamed him. His contribution made the science lab all the more realistic. While he was a little nervous, he enjoyed hanging out by the bookcase. Kevin hopes to continue his acting career with Just Kiddin’ Theatre.

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