About our fees

Our fee is a participation fee similar to other theatre education programs such as Orleans Young Players Theatre School and The Acting Company. In our case the skills development is integrated within the authentic process of mounting a stage production. Like these schools, we incur overhead that drives the participation fee.

In many ways we resemble community theatre groups such as RAPA and Greely Players who do not charge participation fees. Because they are community theatre, there are some key differences:


  • Community theatre is audition-based. At JKT everybody gets a part regardless of ability

  • Our program is exclusively for kids, whereas community theatre groups, in most part, are focused on adult performance

  • Our content includes education and skills development as an important part of the process whereas community theatre does not

  • Our plays are custom-written for the kids with an emphasis on the ensemble rather than lead vs. chorus casting and accommodating those with special needs

  • Our program pays Ottawa theatre professionals to deliver the program. This, rent, and insurance are our primary operational costs. Box office revenues cover production costs and equipment maintenance.

We recognize our fees can be cost-prohibitive to some families. In keeping with our mission of providing affordable and inclusive access, we partner with local businesses who participate in our “sponsor a child” program. This allows us to deeply subsidize or waive participation fees to families who need it.

For more information on our fees and sponsor a child program, please contact us at ‘info at justkiddintheatre.com’.