2013 – Occupational Hazards

Occupational Hazards

Written by Meghan van Wolkenten and Wendy M. Grossman

Director’s Note:
This double debut of Occupational Hazards is going to be an enjoyable and meaningful family and community experience. The show has offered many strong character roles for these bright young performers and has covered many important themes. I have had the opportunity to discuss modern family dynamics, activism, farming and the environment with the performers as they came up in the script.The youth have offered intelligent commentary and questions on these issues and have shared openly about how the themes relate to their own lives. We have related these topics to their own community and I have encouraged them to speak with their families about them. All this discussion has aided in creating two very strong ensemble casts.These youth artists are dedicated, focussed, fun and openly creative. I thank this community, the families of the cast members, and crew. I am honored and have had a wonderful journey with all of these bright individuals.You will surely see their confidence, trust in each other, authentic characters, and fun they bring as they clearly unfold this wonderful new tale. So laugh loud, clap hard and sit back and enjoy the show!

– Natalie Fraser