Affordable. Accessible. Inclusive.

Just Kiddin’ Theatre is a non-profit that delivers dramatic arts to students in Ottawa’s rural South. The program is based on the belief that enrichment of the arts is not only a fun and enjoyable experience but presents opportunity to develop skills that will positively impact students for the rest of their lives.

Our sole focus is bringing that opportunity to kids – particularly those lacking the ability to access theatre by other means. This includes children with special needs, low-income families, and geographic limitations.

Spring Registration is Open.

Thursday Teen Group – directed by Andrie Nel

Performing The Family Jewels, written by Andrie Nel. Madness and mayhem abound as robbers, widows, moms and suitors trip over one another while in search of the family jewels. Who will win the prize – and will it be worth it?

Saturday Youth Group – directed by Tifanni Kenny

Performing Ah, Mom!, written by Andrie Nel. A series of vignettes examine what it means to be a mom. Some flattering – some not so much.