Affordable. Accessible. Inclusive.

Just Kiddin’ Theatre is a non-profit that delivers dramatic arts to students in Ottawa’s rural South. The program is based on the belief that enrichment of the arts is not only a fun and enjoyable experience but presents opportunity to develop skills that will positively impact students for the rest of their lives.

Our sole focus is bringing that opportunity to kids – particularly those lacking the ability to access theatre by other means. This includes children with special needs, low-income families, and geographic limitations.

Next Show!


Show times (Tickets $10 will be sold at the door)

Saturday Dec. 12

1:00pm  (performed by Saturday group)

4:00pm  (performed by Thursday group)

7:00pm (performed by Saturday group)

Sunday Dec. 13

11:00am  (performed by Thursday group)

Registration is Open for Next Session.

We will be mounting a suspense/thriller called The Mirror Never Lies. Session begins Saturday January 23 for children aged 9-14.
For registration info please contact Tracy Rivard at or call our general voice mailbox at 613-800-2500